Somewhat Befuddled [Wiremod Woes]

So over the past week, a friend of mine found a weapons mod named GDC, and we both downloaded this. There were some issues with this - it caused script errors - and so I uninstalled mine. However, yesterday I noticed that Gmod would crash when I attempted to weld props at certain angles, and so naturally I attributed this to the GDC mod. Now, having uninstalled GDC, I felt the only way to solve the issue would be a complete re-install. So I wiped away Gmod and re-installed fresh. Now this is where my problems come. When I went to download the Wire SVN, it seemed as if Wiremod was out-of-date when I got in game. There were very few options under the wire tab, and quite a few Wire tools under the standard tools section. Additionally, tools were missing, such as the Advanced Pod Controller, and when I exited the game to update Wire in the game root directory, there was no update client in the Addons folder for Wire like there was before. I realize that what most likely happened was that I have the incorrect version of the Wire SVN. My searching for the correct SVN has turned up nothing however, so I’m at a loss. Anyone else run into this, or have any information that could help?