Somewhat out of the Normal Activity

So this is my first Comic on Facepunch and I’m still improving on my design formula, in particular what Text I should be using. I’m working on a few other comics where I take more of an advantage with the artistic capabilities of each panel, rather than having them all the same size and length. I would be very grateful for any input from anyone who would like to suggest a more “Reader Friendly” text or anything of that sort that could help increase the visual enjoyment of my comics.

It actually took me longer than I anticipated to create this comic, not because I am that terrible at photoshop or because It takes me 3 weeks to think of a joke but because It just took me awhile getting around to finishing it. I tell you this because at one point this comic made me laugh but I’ve read it over so many times that I kinda forgot if it was ACTUALLY funny or not… so if it’s not funny then that’s my bad and I apologize but if thats not the case then I hope you enjoy it.

So to the comic, yes well I decided to go with a Paranormal Activity parody because I have yet to see one on the website, maybe thats just my newbyness but I had also just watched the movie (Back when I began the comic) and I realized that their was SO many funny things to rag on in that film so I figured I’d put some of those on paper and then into a comic and this first little “Issue” I suppose you could call it, Is the result of some of those ideas.

BTW - The first 12 or so panels of this comic are a tribute to the film, but I imagine anyone who’s seen it will get that.

**Requests - **
Can someone please tell me how to spell the friggen sounds that stupid camera makes in the movie? I mean as you could probably tell I was having a rough time in figuring out which word sounded the most like a clacky camera. I think its worth mentioning that I’m unbelievably terrible at impact sounds and any replacement for the word “Fwapish” would be SOOO much appreciated.

For the clacky camear I would try simply “clack” or “clunk.”

But for one of your first comics. Very good. I hope to see more from you. This comic was fucking hilarious.



that was pretty good hahaha

Hurr at the comic

I’m not sure whether this was funny or sad. I think it’s sad D:>