Somewhere in abottabad, Pakistan ...

Testing shadows.

Jesus christ that’s a big door

except reverse

Interestingly enough I just watched the 60 Minutes with the author of No Easy Day.
Was that the inspiration?

Goddamn cliffhanger for a gmod pose of a door breach.

Prop resizer, yum.

No, it was Zero dark thirty that inspired this one

I don’t see how it’s a shadow’s test. There is almost no shadows in the picture (except for actually one the guys). And that door is obviously is a shipping container side, propped against a wall. You do know there ARE door props in the game, right?

Okay, first of all I’m testing shadows on the models themselves, second of all that so called “shipping container” is actually two blast doors put together in between two separate walls that I placed side by side, and third of all that’s not supposed to be a door its supposed to be a sliding gate. So please next time you criticize get your facts straight

don’t get so antsy, he’s just tryin to help