Somewhere in Russia ft. CBL [Open landscape scenebuilding]

Keep on doing open landscape type of scenebuilding. So much inspired by that ambient music from CBL.

Behind the scene:’s mod temp/2014-06-15_00002.jpg’s mod temp/2014-06-15_00003.jpg

Find a way to edit the textures on that Resistance and Liberation grass and make it darker. The bright green looks out of place in pretty much anywhere.

What did you use for the road?

Damn,I couldn’t tell if these pictures were real or not.
Excellent job.


it’s a custom texture for the ground props. Grass can be darkened by the color tool, not necessary to change the texture I think. I took a look at real photos, from what I’ve seen is that the grass contrast with the trees a lot, the trees are much darker than the grass. Maybe it looks out of place in this scenebuild but trust me this is how it should be.
I could’ve made it better looking but the main problem for me is that all the props look ugly, I’m so tired to spawn all these props at certain angles to make it look realistic but still it’s pain in the ass.

how the fuck-
this is amazing

ever considered mapping?

Only if it’s not an effect and most scenebuilding props, vegetation especially are effects.

Well, no.

Color and Material work on effects nowadays

My… God…

I have no words.

The first pic in the thumbnail version looks almost like a painting! I’m wondering where those sandy roads are from?

the background look great, is is photoshopped or actually in-game map?
by the way, can I have the road material?

it’s in-game sky prop, you can download it here:

that ground texture looks bad in game, I don’t know how to get rid of tiling texture, I guess it has something to do with the vtf flags, if anyone know how to fix it let me know.

Umm, how to I add that texture to material tool? :eng101:

I just changed the texture file for the ground prop, that’s it. Get it here: