"Son, I think you and I will grow to like eachother" Scout sitting on spys lap


C&C :ohdear:

Faceposing looks crumply, other than that s’awesome.

Family moment.

I take it this your Family photo?


Creepy, considering Red Spy, Blue Scout.

Scout looks like a monkey

That models is overused.


(Scouts mother).

The bad faceposing makes it funnier.

*Pinches cheek

Spy’s expression fits and doesn’t fit at the same time.

Quite lolworthy.

Clipping on the spies finger.
Omg the picture is fuckin amazing.

The scouts faceposing is so damn hilarious, he looks like he’s about to run away in tears.

>:/ Cant see the pic. It sound funny as hell and I want to give my opinion.


Twice. Looked at something else now it works.

You called?

the spy should have a mask that says, ‘scouts dad’

The spy is the scout’s dad; he doesn’t need a mask.