Song Tags

Simple question: how can I get the tags of a .mp3 file? For example, the title, artist, genre, or year.
I’ve used gm_bass, but it can’t solve this problem.

Use PHP to return the ID3 tags and load them using http.Get then send them in a umsg.

Ok, thank you very much. (time to learn php!)

Erm, so I’m not really sure what to do here.

I have a sample php script:

echo "Hi";

However, when I try and http.Get the file, it just prints the code, not Hi. What am I doing wrong?

Do you have PHP installed on your web server, and did you give the file the ‘.php’ extension?

No and yes. Am I looking for this stuff here?

Also, is there any way to run the script off my hard drive, or does it have to be on a webserver?

Hey, Yes thats the php u need, But wait a sec! install this: then u get php and can run the php script from youre harddrive :slight_smile: just put the files in the WWW folder, and put it online, then goto localhost or :slight_smile: and u can test it :slight_smile:

Download DreamWaver for .php files if you wanted to make stuff like lol ect in php. not a web server though you can find free web hosting, for that.

Its much faster to Use notepad++ and learn PHP i work with php and Xhtml every day…

I know but dream waver has functions for new starters…

DreamWeaver teaches people to code poorly.