Sonic all stars racing transformed Wreck-it Ralph model

Hello I wanted to ask if anyone has thought about porting over Wreck-it Ralph from the all stars transformed game, it would be a nice feather in my cap to have it used in SFM or Gmod.

I believe he is in the Xbox 360 version and I’ve seen some ports from the xbox before.

It’s best to wait until the PC version’s released before asking for the models from this game. It’d be much easier than trying to manually decode the model files.

I think the PC version comes with TF2 models and the console version comes with Wreck-it Ralph and that one Nascar chick.

Somehow I don’t see the PC version removing Ralph and Danica Patrick, as far as I know they’re getting everyone from the console versions and the TF2 characters, as well as two more characters from Shogun and Football Manager.

Well I hope you’re right then.

-Jus read that the TF2 characters are only exclusive to the PC version? Is that true?

They are, though their nigh-finished data is unused in the console versions. Why would the TF2 characters be in a game entirely unconnected to Steam?

by only exclusive are you saying that you read that they were the only exclusive or is that a quote? it’s also possible that they mean they’re exclusive to the pc as opposed to being “exclusive” to the xbox but not the ps3 or what ever. although grammatically that’s still technically correct.

Something just came to my mind about this:

Is it possible to port from Wii games?

I think I had read somewhere that it was, but I’m not sure.

If it is, you might be able to port over the models from the Wreck-It Ralph video game that are used for cutscenes.

Although the rest of the game looks horrid, the cutscene models are pretty decent.

It’s always possible to rip models from Wii games, just run 'em through the Dolphin emulator and rip 'em the same way you would a normal PC game.

Except if the cutscenes are pre-rendered like in the Wreck-It Ralph game, and frankly the model in that game sucks. And has a really creepy stare…

The Xbox WiiU and other console versions won’t have the TF2 characters.

Your ability to read is astounding.

After playing this on xbox for the last couple of weeks, the Wreck-It-Ralph model doesn’t look as detailed as those pictures show.

I’m not sure if it’s just the LODs, but when he shows up in my game, his face is flatter, eyeballs static (and also flat), and he doesn’t blink. The images above may have been photoshopped by Sega to look good for promoting the game, though I hope that isn’t the case.

…great game though…

Is there an actual Wreck-It-Ralph game? If so your best bet would be looking for a PC version of that.

Yeah… about that…

Why would you bring this horrible abomination as an example?

Now I know why there were never any screenshots released for this game. Sadly, curiosity got the better of me and I had the displeasure of renting this game. Must have been their way of tricking people into playing it… Seriously, it’s more of a sub-par WiiWare game than an actual Wii game.

Yep, that’s the official game.

It looks horrid, but if the cutscenes weren’t pre-rendered, the models out of that could have been useful.

The cutscene models are actually decent.

I’d still be happier to have the ragdoll from the Sonic game and have a friend edit the model and give it face features and poses. Anyone be willing to rip the model? I’d pay if anyone is interested.

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He looks fairly detailed in this video.

By Azura by Azura BY AZURA!!

I was right, TF2 characters are only exclusive for the PC. And the game is out now. Wreck-it Ralph model now!

I’m bumping this since the PC version is actually out now. (that trailer was a liar)

Why would they lie to me? I feel so used.