Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed Models

Anyone ported these yet? I googled it and there does not seem to be any results for ““racing transformed” gmod” I think priority should be placed on Ralph, then the vehicles, then any character models from the game that aren’t ported yet.

Also is it possible to port the courses for both games in this series as maps? Because I have no clue how that sort of thing works.

yeah. i want amigo’s train. cause i like trains.

Slow down Holmes, the game isn’t even out on PC yet.
PC is usually the easiest system to rip from, so it most likely won’t happen until some days after it’s out.
I’ll most likely be trying to rip from it by then.

That doesn’t mean people can’t rip from the consoles…

Not to mention that the PC won’t have any characters exclusive to the consoles like the Mii and Avatar characters so we probably wouldn’t get their vehicles.

Though if the 360 version has Team Fotrtess 2 (the racer, not the game) in it’s data, odds are the PC version will be a 360 port like Generations was…

There were characters from the first game I want, too. All we got in the Workshop from there are a few vehicles, but we could use more. (Is the 360 version of the first game rippable? I’ve been wanting a modern Banjo-Kazooie ragdoll for quite some time.)

Chalk me down for all the cars, and Ralph.

I’m pretty sure the TF2 racer(s) are not in the game itself. Everywhere I look to find character rosters doesn’t list them at all.

We can always count on you for console rips can’t we?

Well, almost always.

It only exists in the game data, and is not officially confirmed. I think the wikis and such are waiting for official news.

it exists in the game data, with some file swapping they can be played with on the 360.

I just said that, I’m pretty sure Chaos Master is aware of that video.

Me, I was just saying that until I hear official word from Sega about them bwing in the game there could be a chance that the video in question was just a fan made machinima video to psych people out. Just saying that they could have recorded a race and with the proper software edited the TF2 guys in.

I don’t think it works that way.

I mean for one thing, the PC version isn’t even out yet.

There’s also the fact that the vehicle would have to have been hand-made and it’s a LOT more complex in terms of design mechanics than say any given model on that fake Majora’s Mask Wii U trailer.

Not to mention you’d have to make the code from scratch as well. That seems going way out of their way here.

I believe it was some one on sonic retro who first found the code, and that seems like a reliable enough source.