Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing Models?

I’d like to request-

-Sonic’s Car (ref-
-Tail’s Tornado (ref-
-Ryo Hazuki (
-Ryo’s Motorcycle (see above)
-Forklift (ref-
-Shadow’s Motorcycle (ref-

if you can rip anything else it’d be nice, but for now, could someone please port these as ragdolls?

I support. And I would also like to see Zobiko and Zobio’s car as well as ragdolls of the characters.

Guys, note anything you want and I’ll put it in the OP.

Knuckles, amy, robotnik, metal sonic, and shadow is all I need. yall know the game is on PC so it will be alot easier to rip.

Can’t forget Amigo and his car!!!

ironic how nobody is actually contributing.

Yeah, come on contributers!!! Give us a hand!!!

Ragdolls are a bit of work and it’ll take some time for someone to do them so be patient.

Nobody’s even stepped up to it never mind made it.

Surprised Ulala and her car hasn’t been mentioned.

basically nobody even bother to make them anyways, but I only have to say that porting these models will help the sonic thread alot.

assuming you wanted me to put them in the others have requested, I did.

Unfortunately nobody will do any of them.


do I really have to bump this again?

you wouldn’t have had to bump it if you didn’t request shitload of stuff in one request ( you can thank trainguy for this.) but now… no.

hang on a sec, I’m going to add to the first post.

EDIT: or rather, remove. If these get done I’ll update the first post and put them back.

Yeah, right now I’m taking a break until furthur notice. If I had a doller for every request I did on this site, so far, I’d have enough to finance my retirement.

And furthermore, I’m still waiting for my current requests.

if nobody bother to make them, then the sonic thread at the model/skin section is dead, which it really is right now.