Sonic Fan Character ragdolls (maybe npc)

I need to have a couple of sonic fan character mods so I can make something for a friend, I just need ragdolls of them and nothing else, it would be awesome if someone could make em, I would bow down to your awesomeness and worship you (LOLWUT). I also need a ragdoll or npc of my friend (yes I said of a person ¬.¬)

A picture of my friend (the black and white thingy is a belt and for shoes I dont mind preferbly boots):

Pictures of the fan characters: (just the red one plz)

Also here is one of the creepiest Ike pictures ever O.o

It would be awesome if any of you guys could make them for me, this is gonna be my only request for a while, the reason being is that I wanna get used to this site before I ask of anymore