Sonic Fan's Collection of Poses

This is a collection of some of my best poses that I’ve posted on Facepunch from time to time on the Forums and they are a mix of things like Half-Life 2, Sonic the Hedgehog, Team Fortress and Left 4 Dead.

There is a couple of games i am forgetting there is just a few poses that you should like to see.

-Rising Sun-
This was a test with the Colour mod that comes with the game in the map Dm_Steamlabs.

-Helpless and Downed-
This is one of those first person screenshots and i wanted to give it a ago to see what it was like and I think it worked out well.

-Metal Beast’s-
I found a rag doll that was similar to the Gargantua from HL1 and so I downloaded it and it was a great model.

-Now This is Relaxing, Huh?
This just a little scene i made with a Metrocop sitting down and listening to the Birds sing away to their hearts content.

-There’s Something you Don’t See Everyday-
This is just a pose of a Strider, Dr.Breen and a Rebel and to tell you something the Strider is actually posed since you can tell where the legs are positioned.

-Free Sandvich Giveaway-
This is to do with the infamous Sandvich and Dr.Breen has just given a free giveaway at Bestbuy so yeah!

-Gunship Crash Landing-
Electrical Interfierance with the Gunships visors must have malfuctioned and so it crashed on a Citadel bridge.

-Insanity Leads to Corruption-
A Combine Soldier is going insane and he can’t stop from dieing from the inside of his machine self.

Duun, Duuuuun, Duuuuuun!

-Vhat Have You Done With Sasha!-
Uh oh! Someone made his mad!!!

Well C&C is welcome very much :v:

I like the lot of’em. Some are okay some are good.
Good Collection man.

I like it!

One is sorta Trolly, but the rest are great!

I like the two Combine ones most.

Why thank you.

All of you.

The fifth one reminded me of that youtube video, GMod Bananaphone.

Yeah it does kinda.