Sonic Generations Models

So the demo for Sonic Generations came out today, and some people have already found Knuckles, Super Classic and Modern Sonic hidden within the demo. But in reality, I think we all want that Classic Sonic model in G-mod.

I’m hoping that someone can be a cool bro and (eventually) rip the model.

i reallly want this too. hope someone makes it happen

Got these from Sonic Retro, if anyone’s up to doing anything with 'em

360 texture pack .TGA version -

360 texture pack .PNG version -

360 Models pack (Raw .model version) -

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What program to open them?

I’m not exactly sure myself, Mrglitch was able to open them in the Sonic thread. I’d suggest getting in contact with him.

where can i find Mrglitch

Probably in the Sonic thread?

Or fuckin’ right here.

I just looked at what file types they were.

What Program Mrglitch2000?

I’d love it if someone rigged these for Gmod.

I didn’t open them with anything. I just looked if they were 3ds max or .obj files.

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Yeah so you can make more recolors and reskins for your Deviant Art comics. Yeah, you aswell SmashBrosGMOD.

>Not using models for Garry’s mod videos

I seriously hope you don’t do this

I want this as well. Not for a shitty recolor, but for something else.

I’ll support too. There are probably some useful models in there.

@SZK like classic sonic and classic super sonic are useful

So any way to open .model files yet?

Nope. Some people at Sonic Retro are working on it. The only I’m worried about is things like this.

There were scripts to convert Sonic Unleashed models, but it was never released publicly because of things like this.

Personally i dont see a problem with reskins, as long as they’re kept to the owners themselves and arn’t posted here or on

i mean, if everyone posted reskins we’d be over run with recolors everywhere…