Sonic Generations Modern Models/Metal Sonic Model REQUEST

I’m going to start off by saying I am deeply sorry if the models have already been made, or if there is a thread for this. I was going to ask in a thread for the Sonic models, but I think it was closed down.

Now, onto the request, I am requesting the Shadow and Silver the hedgehog models in Sonic Generations for Garrys Mod, as well as the modern Eggman, the most up to date I’ve seen of these models is the Wii versions in GMod, and they don’t look as good as the ones seen in Generations, also, I don’t care if this isn’t done, but I’d like to be able to face-pose and finger-pose them if possible.

As the only available Metal Sonic in next-gen appearance is the classic version, I am requesting a modern Metal Sonic from Sonic and Mario at the Olympic Winter Games (without the skates on his feet) or Sonic Free Riders if possible, I have yet to see this model created and would be absolutely joyful if it was made.

Check the new thread on the models page, it’s re-opened and it’s brand new.
Just ask and give a couple and pictures and you should get support and maybe a reply.

For the Metal Sonic it’s on Apoc’s and RTB Model port group on Steam. On the second post they’ve made.

Shadow, Silver and Modern Eggman are on my list of things to port from Generations and I’ve already done modern Metal Sonic from MaSatOWG:

You can find the download link for the Metal Sonic here. Main reason he’s not on yet is because I’d like to touch up his textures and also include some other models from MaSatOWG as I usually do with my model releases.

First of all, might wanna fix your post there, you accidentally put your text in the quote box.

Anyway, the Sonic is from Link00y’s Sonic Unleashed pack