Sonic GMod Story

It took me 3 days to make this movie. The movie is entirely stop motion animation combined with comic speech bubbles.

I think I’ll use the Sonic Unleash models from now on. Sonic and Metal Sonic are oversize.

Feed back on how I can improve is welcomed. Enjoy

your stop motion animations were pretty much rotating and/or translating the characters, nothing out of the ordinary — while originality is something that is VERY needed when doing such a movie

Gigantic speech bubbles that filled the entire screen really did not help.

And as Max said, you were translating the characters. No animation whatsoever.

thank you for your feedback. Maybe my stop motion needs more movement other than just rotating and still image sideshows.

Though the big speech bubbles is there for a reason since my earlier gmod video uses captions and I find it uninteresting. I’ll try to make the stop motion more believable the next time.

I enjoyed it, but the speech bubbles were a fail.

I belive you need to work on two major things.

  1. I highly suggest finding Voice Actors. There are plenty of Sonic fans on youtube dieing to be in videos.

  2. Your posing needs a lot of work. Some of the poses are lifeless.

Also, it wouldn’t hurt to use Sonic models with faceposing. has many of them.

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