Sonic in GMod

I know you might think it’s stupid, but I’m making a comic in GMod called…er…well, I havent really named it yet, but it’s funny. I have no clue how to use this, and I haven’t really posted anything before. HOW DO YOU PUT PICTURES IN HERE?!

Use [IMG*] (link here) [/IMG*] without the asterisks.

why did you tell him? it’s something involving sonic the hedgehog - how could it be funny?

theres nothing wrong with sonic

cant wait to see the comic

This is probably going to end up a train wreck (Because **most **Sonic Gmod comics are usually train wrecks [If we include Deviantart in the “usually”]), but I’ll just wait and see what happens and then give constructive criticism (Because if I just rant about it like everyone else does it will end up like meowkitty’s comics (•A•) and never get actually at a good quality, but stay utterly crappy because noone is going to help them get better at Gmod posing and GMod comicmaking).