Sonic Next-Gen Textures

So, before some crazed lunatic starts going off on me about requesting the models, sorry to say, I’m not requesting the models.
I’m actually requesting the texture files for the main characters from ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ or “Sonic Next-Gen”
(Lets make it more simple. Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles, Tails, and whatever else you might have on hand.)

If someone can provide them, than thank you, because I know someone has them.
As well if anyone can tell me where they can be downloaded, that would be appreciated too. If the normals map, or light map is missing, that’s no big deal, I can handle that, I’m looking for the basic texture for the models.

So anything is appreciated. Unless you’re going to spam nothing.

(Yea, its the second one, because the first one was in the wrong place.)

Heck, I wish I knew. However, I did find the textures and models for the Unleashed version of Sonic (FBX format), and the Olympic Games version of Shadow, Knuckles, and Tails. I also have Brawl models and textures of all of the characters. Will these do?

Note: These weren’t made or ripped by me.

Ah you’ve got the Sonic model, also this thread is nearly a year old.

HOLY CRAP, YOU’RE RIGHT!! I didn’t notice the YEAR there. BTW, who are you, Silver Spirit? You sure as heck reply on these forums awful fast, and strangely enough to all the ones I’ve been to…I dunno, am I just predictable? I am a noob here after all. (See Post Number)

I’ve just been hanging around here lately as its a good place to get help with source related stuff. Also all the ones you were posting on were at the top and I was wondering why 3 sonic related threads poped into existence right at the same time :slight_smile: