Sonic NPC mod

Can someone help me make NPC’s out of the sonic ragdolls?
Ive tried and all i get is the T-shape anim and no movement. Its head looks at me and turns its body but does not walk,run etc.

The linear motion animation is not registering for whatever reason.
Im really lost here and need someone to help/do it for me

I need:
Sonic(MetPolice AI)
Shadow(MetPolice AI)
Knuckles(MetPolice AI)
Tails(MetPolice AI)
Amy(MetPolice AI)
Eggman(in Eggmobile)(Hunter-like AI,if not Default Met police)

sorry to do this but no-one responded to any of my topics withing 23 hours, this place has bad customer service… :frowning:

This isn’t exactly easy to do.

Bad customer service. Yeah, believe me XDDDDD. Anywayys I could try and give it a go but I’d have to learn the entire thing. Question: What do you mean by Hunter-Like AI?


Oh another question: Can you give us a link to WHICH pack you want us to do? Found several different packs so give us a specific link please.

hunters are those blue spider looking things in hl2
(dw about it for now i can tell its hard enough based on what others are telling me
forget eggman anyways i found an npc of him :))

oh sure
uhm here

Thanks. And there’s no blue spider looking things in hl2?