Sonic player model help

Ok so i watched: Glitch172 looks over a sonic player pack. And i folloowed the instructions for download. But in the game. No player models. So are the files corrupt or did i do something rong? Oh yeah and i forgot, the only HL2 games i have are deathmatch and lost coast. I thoungt that might matter. Ok well. Help please. -_-

Do you have any other source games? (i.e counter strike, team fortress 2)

Ok i’ll just list all my games i guess. I have CS:S, CS:S beta, portal, HL2 lost coast, and HL2 deathmatch.

You may have placed the files in the wrong directory was it an addon or a direct model?

Umm im not sure what that meens sorry. But um it was a full addon folder and i didnt put them in add-ons. Thats what the guy said to do.

If there was an info.txt in the folder thn it will be an addon.

Ok so i checked the two folders and there was no info.txt. What do i do oh Gmod master?


You need more than those games.


HL2:LC is part of HL2, but you don’t HAVE HL2, so you don’t have the very base of the whole GMod Game.

**tl;dr **Get HL2.

Nope, you can actually just have Counter Strike Source, hence the Garrys Mod + CS:Source package on steam, OP I’m having a think, let me get back to you buddy.

Umm so which is it gues? Is my source the problem or is it the placment of the folder. Science there is no info.txt that means(well according to sphinxa) that the two folders are directect models. So that means that i hould but them where?

In your Garrysmod directory, where the other “models” and “materials” directories.

That hasn’t been true for years why do people still think this

You need the Source SDK Base to run GMod, which any full source game (like CS:S) comes with.