Sonic Riders Models (Preferably Zero Gravity)

While I’m waiting until I have enough money to purchase a new ATI graphics card and a headset for my new PC I’m using right now and having a Gmod-related video project sometime in the future, I may as well describe another one of my requests so I could get this off my chest.

After seeing the Sonic Riders models located at a website known as The Models Resource, I starting having thoughts about using them in Gmod, crediting the original submitters. I thought about taking a stab at the Zero Gravity (PS2) models as well, including Blaze the Cat from ZG and other characters from both games.

Unfortunately, there are countless problems about converting them as Gmod models myself, which actually prevent me from doing so. One of those problems involves laziness. It’s the primary issue I regret having a few years ago.

In other words, would it be possible if anybody could achieve this method for me? Thanks in advance.

On an off-topic note: If I broke any kind rule, please let me know. I really should start posting more frequently…

Interesting find, they are in .obj, .dae and .smd format that should make them pretty easy for anyone wanting to port them ^^

Unfortunately i’m no less lazy than you :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Not sure they have all their textures though ~.~

Edit2: Textures seem accounted for, the SMD models are even rigged, but in an incredibly odd manner.

Taking a close look at the models in Milkscape, I noticed some of the textures are indeed missing and/or misplaced. So far, these are the only models I could find and I can’t exactly rip them myself sadly.

The textures for some of them are transparent in places they don’t need to be though which milkshape uses (as that’s what I was looking at them in aswell). I haven’t checked them all though yet, which ones have you found missing textures on?

Also the .obj models seem to not be smoothed correctly, so the SMDs are the only ones worth using, though they are rigged also but as I said before, not in anyway that is useful.

I thought it was the Jet the Hawk model, but I’m not for certain if the textures are alpha. According to the Wave & Tails models, their shoes are missing its proper textures.

Jet and Wave’s textures have unneeded alpha which can be resolved by saving them as a BMP for use in Milkshape but if were ported would be fine anyway. Tails works fine for me nothing invisible that shoudn’t be and all seems good.