Sonic Riders Models

These? Please?
Mostly Jet.

(for lazy people) Progress so far: Sorting out bones. Not sure of release. Ginseng and (maybe SS) Knows.

I’m trying at this, but for some reason Jet’s textures wont show on 3d’s max.

These were requested by someone else a few weeks back, the rigging is crap and the poses are weird.

The textures “don’t show” as the PNG files are transparent for some reason.

I run into that transparency problem every once in a while. I use a free program called XnView to fix it. Just open the image, go up to Image in the menu, and convert to colors to fix this. There may be a similar option in photoshop, but I wouldn’t know. It is also useful for creating skins with the same look, but with different colors.

That program looks quite interesting, thankyou for the tip ^^

Well I finally figured out how to add textures, but the bone adding on mine is screwed up :stuck_out_tongue:

Told ya so :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea I’m pretty pissed because I was going to do some Soul Calibur IV ones too, but to many damn textures :stuck_out_tongue:

Some progress I guess…I just need a better program though that works with good bones e.e I would be finished with this if the damn bones weren’t such a bitch.

Also making bones for this seems confusing :stuck_out_tongue: and yes my first time trying this.

Dear god, how is this possible, i thought i’d get a “No, go do it yourself LOLOL!!”
But thank you so much.
Will you finish it, do you think?
Looks good so far.

I need a good program with better bone making because 3D’s Max 9 and 8 is having screwed up bones, I might use Softimage Mod Tool, but it may be the same thing so I need to find another program that’ll be good to use.


If your talking about the rigging on those models its nothing to do with the modelling program and everything to do with the models being crappily rigged/ported.

But I would recommend Milkshape its good for porting (as I use it :P).

Just what i said, i’m in nor rush to have these, it’s just i need them for a certain comic coming up i’m working real hard on it aswell. just need jet.

Yea I was thinking about getting Milkshape again.

Let’s just hope we can do it. I’ll look out for other models aswell.

No problem. :slight_smile:

Ok so I will make a Goggled version of Jet and a non one since it’s possible to take it off :), now I just need to learn how to add bones with milkshape and then I have to do w/e else I need. Hey Silver do you have any good tutorials for things like this? Because I’ve been using Mariokarts and it’s all unorganized and crap and I need a great tutorial to use.

This one is pretty good for Milkshape rigging, but doesn’t tell you how to do multibone rigging (which i’m still trying to get to grasps with), the person to ask about that is luigimario, as he’s very good at it ^^

Everything after the rigging on mario’s tutorials should do you ok though when doing the ragdolling bit.

Also do you know how to do bodygroups? As that would be the best way to do the goggles thing.


I figured out how to like hide them and all, but the rest no.