Sonic screenshots

I was looking through old threads and found some screens I did. I never posted them anywhere else so here they are. C&C welcome but please don’t flame. These are some of my first edited screens so any help would be apprecieted.

:wtc: there’s a sally ragdoll??

Shit, when the furries find it they’re gonna freak -.-

Glowing tears.

Poor, poor Sonic. Sega have no shame.

Where did you find these models?!?

What the farg

I find it funny that this is the best game the sonic team has been in since the dreamcast

Combine elite, what?

Jesus Christ. Sally.

I hate that model with a passion.

You did so post these pictures before Gear, back in Sonic topic 2 in the models section.

Tear is neon?

This post is confusing.
These are Gmod screenshots. What does Sega have to do with anything?
Or are you one of those people who prefer Classic Sonic, or “Retrofags” as I call them.

Oh shit, someone’s trying to pick a fight.

I prefer classic Sonic because it was good. I have played all of the demos of any Sonic game more recent than whatever the one on the Dreamcast was called. And you know what? THEY ARE ALL SHIT. They all have terrible, unnecessary voice-acting, terrible, unnecessary story-lines, terrible controls, terrible cameras and terrible level design. I can’t think of a single reason why anyone would enjoy the newer Sonic games over the old ones. If someone said to me, “hey there Chesty, I will pay you £10 to play the entirety of Sonic Unleashed or you can just play Sonic & Knuckles for free” I would come to the decision to pick the latter within a second. The only reason they make those God-awful games is because little kids still spend they’re money on them and fail to realise how shockingly bad they are. Pretty much every Sonic game since the Dreamcast has gotten a metascore of around 6/10. The highest ratings of 7 and 8 being from official console magazines (that rate everything high) and the majority of scores being 4, 5 and 6. If that isn’t proof enough that all those games suck then I don’t know what is.

/fucking massive essay of a rant

I liked unleashed.


So did I
And so did everyone who has good taste.
Also, I didn’t read his wall of text.


Cry some more.
New Sonic is better, deal with it.


New sonic is shit came from the devil’s arsehole and lucifer’s nipple, and hitler’s cock

The only good recentish sonic game was Sonic Advance

Sonic is shit(new stuff) I’d much rather hit my balls with a wooden spoon till they fell off, rather then play one of rapefests they’d like to call a game. the controls make you half the time kill your self
Bringing a cannon to a gun fight

Because it is 2D and Sonic doesn’t talk in the most irritating Californian accent I have ever heard.