Sonic The Hedgehog thread 4

Time once again to renew the sonic thread.
When the last thread closed, the Generations Classic pack was just released, but didn’t get added to the first page.

Anyway, lets continue on with more sonic models.


Death Egg hot fix:
Classic Sonic Hot fix:
Generations pack V3

Sonic Colors Final Boss fight (TF2)


zSoZsó666 [HUN**
Download is a still prop

Mephiles shadow reskin:

Sonic’s Spring

Badnik pack V2

Fang the Sniper/Knack the Weasel

Itauske Roken
Custom Honey the Cat


Unoriginal recolors/ edits:
New Zombie Amy

(Textures only) No envmap for Generations models

Old models from Thread 3
Due to a glitch or bug with garrys, all the links are now copied over to provide better access.

Tails’ car from Sonic Drift

Vanilla, Cheese, and Normal Braw Chao.

Omega and Omega Care Suit Buns


The elephant from Sonic Unleashed

SADX Silver Sonic with Archie sonic Mina mongoose

Sonic 4 Badniks + SA2B Buzzbomber

Dangerous Ball tower



Death Egg Robot

Now lets get some links to the off site Sonic models and Progress reports on Sonic Works in progress.

Works of Others
Link’s models
All found here:
Brawl Blaze
Unleashed pack
Almost all from the first link re uploaded by masterROBO-MAN=
Modern Classic Amy
Sonic and Caliburn the sword

Mariokart’s Leaks
Doctor Eggman



**??Unknown?? & SeymourGuado **
Sonic Models For Gmod 9

Sonic The Hedgehog Mod 2009

Gamma Beta release

**luigimario & nexus **
Brawl Pack 1 (Includes sonic models)


Chaos 2

SADX Perfect Chaos


Unoriginal recolors/ edits:
kill bill amy

super amy+camo amy combo

Super Tails,Amy&Knuckles Player Models

Sonic and tails X tornado

Super Silver

Darkspin Sonic

Silver Reskin

SataM Tails

Sonic Reskinned Character Pack

SaTaM Reskins of Sonic Amy And Tails

Tails Doll & Shad0w440

Player Models

Just wondering, but why exactly did the last thread close?

thats is something that we would never know.

Probably because they get to big and it’s harder to manage, and harder to search through hundreds of pages.

Just updating you guys on my models. I decided to create a Classic shadow model and it looks pretty good. btw, could someone send me Classic Amy? and i need francis for evil sonic’s jacket

Generation 4 of the Sonic threads on Facepunch, Megadudex1 needs an honorable mention for starting the first one.

I remember when the first one was accompanied with reskins of really old Sonic models nearly every single page. Seymour Guado, Father Grigori, Madmanmad, Megadudex1, Hggh7 and many more. There’s a little history thing goin’ on here.

I remember I started keeping an eye on the thread when it was V2. Of course back then models were more simple and because of that their was more releases at a time.

I’ll just leave this here:

My custom Classic Shadow, and edit of Shadow and Classic Super Sonic plus a custom Dreamcast Sonic:

An Sonic 2 title mock up:

Just to answer the question about the 06 Eggman on the last topic I recently upgraded the hardware on my main computer and currently have to go back and format the drive so it can work right with it.
It’s currently in a back up file so you’ll have to wait a bit longer than I intended before.

Any chance of seeing that Shadow ported to Gmod?

I’ll export to .smd and send it over to someone. I still need that Classic Amy model

Will this classic Amy work? There’s another one, but its a port of the Sonic R model i think (very low poly).

I can’t download it cause i’m not a member of steam

-snip- I don’t sorry.

Might be time to sign up and open your wallet for GMod and some of the Source Games.

It’s free as well (steam account that is) there’s really no excuse to not have a steam account by now. I held it off for too long myself.

steam is free? I thought i’d have to pay

Steam is free, just not all the games are.

Steam is free, but Gmod is not. Unless we’re talking about gmod 9, but that’s unsupported.