Sonic Thread 5 3D Blast

Because as we all know, Sonic models will continue to be made and ported.

Last time on Sonic thread 4:
Face poseable Shadow was released for gmod via the Work shop.

And now, on with thread 5

Direct Downloads

Eggman from Sonic 06

Green Flower Zone With bonus plants useable outside of the map

Sonic Riders- Gears (Outdated)

Source Film Maker Only
Perfect Chaos Generations

E123 Omega

Workshop Downloads
If you find something that belongs to you on the workshop, please contact the uploadeder and leave a notification of the status of the addon in the thread. Dead download links will not be retained.

Sonic the Hedgehog SCars (Requires SaSaSR Cars and Bike for SCars 2.0)

Bike for SCars 2.0 (needed for the above download)

Sonic Unleashed Models (uploaded by Venator™)

Team Chaotix (uploaded by Omega48)

Itauske Ryu
Honey the Cat (Reuploaded)

Sally Acorn


RandomTalkingBush & Apoc Hedgie
Sonic the Hedgehog (Chaotix pack)

Sonic Generations - Dark pack (Shadow Added)

Sonic Generations - Hero pack

Sonic Generations - Misc pack

Sonic Generations - badnik pack

Sonic Generations - Others pack

Sonic riders Pack

SaSaSR Cars

Dani The Master Driver
Sonic Player Models V2

Sonic Player Models V3

Generations Power boxes

Dangerous Ball Tower

Death Egg Robot Sonic 4 version

Green Flower Act 1 and 3 (Includes custom props)

Sonic the Hedgehog Badniks Pack

Team Chaotix (uploaded by Omega48)

Omo Chao Sonic Adventure (Uploaded by ۩ Jake4159™)

Silver Sonic Alone (Uploaded by ۩ Jake4159™)

Normal Chao and Cheese (Uploaded by ۩ Jake4159™)

E-123 “Ω” Omega (uploaded by Omega48)

Sonic Adventure DLC


Nicole SFM

Knack the Weasle

SSBB Model Pack

Flowering Noire
Chaos Two ~ Sonic Adventure

Perfect Chaos ~ Sonic Adventure

Chaos Zero ~ Sonic Adventure

Pinkie Diane Roosevelt PhD
E-102 Gamma


๖ۣۜOnox ⑨
Sonic Colors Motobug

Pooka Mustard
Cosmo the Seedrian

Tikal the Echidna

Sonic 3 Inspired Item Box

Green Hill 1

Green Hill 2

Nibroc.Rock 岩
Proto Blaze reskin

Eggman nega

Caliburn - Sonic&TBlackKnight SWEP

Tornado 3

Marine HD

Tailsdoll custom

Sonic Heroes Egg Fleet

Rosy The Rascal

Un petit chou-fleur
Green Hill Props

Past threads:
Thread 4:

I feel that Pdiorio258’s pack should be removed from the first post. Not only is it an exact copy of Venator’s, both of them are the same thing, which are Link00y’s Unleashed ports, complete with “eyebrow blinking”. And at least Venator isn’t trying to steal credit, claiming that he ported the models… he’s just not giving credit.

The pack has been removed.

Oh, and Akeeb720’s pack doesn’t work at all… unless you have this pack which inexplicably has parts for the Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing cars (despite only using the bikes).

And also, considering you have that there, you should also have Apoc Hedgie’s Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing pack as well.

I added the SASASR car pack, but I’m leaving out the bike addon as the sonic Scar addon only calls for the SASASR car pack

Here’s the thing, though. The SaSASR SCar pack has only the LUA files needed for it, hence why the filesize is so miniscule for it. Apoc’s models are all in “models/ApocModels/SaSASR/”. The SCar pack links to “models/sonic_car1.mdl” for the chassis and “models/sonic_car1kolo.mdl” for the wheels… both of which are not in Apoc’s pack, and are only in that one Bike SCars pack for whatever reason.

And it’s not like it matters if Apoc’s pack is installed anyway since GRIBA’s Bike SCars pack includes the chassis and wheel models as well as every single texture from Apoc’s pack anyway… We should get around to updating that pack someday.

ok that’s weird. alright, I’ll add the other pack.

Just finished this up.

I managed to stumble my way to making a working IK rig for Modern Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Eggman, and Classic Knuckles. Have a ball!
Download Here
Also if anyone understands IK rigs, please drop me a line. I need someone to learn from.

You’ve got to be one of the best SFM animators out there.

“Hey Eggman!”
“Your lass smells like …ug.”
“Uh, smells like shit!”
“I can’t believe this!”
“You have special knees box.”
“You! I hate you!”

I seriously couldn’t understand half of that.

Anyone thought of making some Archie comic Characters like Sally Acorn and Lara-Su?

on my to do list :V

I’ve been thinking on and off about improving the Sally model Mariokart64n rigged for me. the weights messing up after attempting to separate the fingers got in the way so far.

He said “butt”. Get it right.
And I didn’t make the audio.

It sucks how everything’s on the Steam Workshop. I haven’t found out how to use it with SFM yet.

I’ve been working on a new Scourge the Hedgehog model right now, I try and post some images.

"in-game shot once again, which is better considering it actually has proper bloom

Managed to get my ass back to SFM after a 3 week hiatus, so I figured that I should start with a poster before jumping into another video.

Can I make a weird request? For future releases, do you mind leaving all those “facial bones (or whatever you call them)” intact that I crave so much back then?
I dunno, it feels so uneasy not having full control of facial expressions when I try to pose / animate.

>>ApocHegie: This download from your site does not contain Shadow’s model, you might want to add that in.

There is a way to extract the models from the .gma’s

I’ll answer this. If anyone wants a “basic” mouth for Sonic, Tails or Shadow, we’ll need to set up a custom model for that. We used the “event” mouth which only has the two bones for it (but has built-in flexes), compared to the in-game one which has a good amount of bones, but an overall lower polygon count.

And I’m waiting on Apoc for the updated pack, since I’m the one running the site.