SONICHU: The Gmod Version. A remake of one of the greatest works of art ever to be envisioned

A few months ago, I set out to remake one of the greatest graphic novels ever to bless mankind - Christian Weston Chandler’s incomparable “Sonichu”. The work, a thrilling parable on the nature of power, authority, and man as a social animal, comprises ten central issues, created between 2005 and 2009 - the work has since gone into an indefinite hiatus.

In reading the work, I was awestruck by its author’s Joycean manipulation of the English language, and his at times operatic twists of fate and misfortune - truly the work of a master of story and characterization. In this spirit, I set out to remake the first episode of the series in Gmod, with two goals in mind - to study the author’s method of panel composition and plotting, and to introduce the work to a wider audience, by means of popular media.

In remaking the episode, I sought to follow strict standards of design - every word is spelled in precisely the same manner, panel arrangements are identical to the extent that my editing software would permit, and panel composition is also identical save a few artistic liberties. The work is by no means perfect - my admittedly shoddy editing software rendered some of the larger images in a very low resolution. However, the resulting work, I believe, achieves the original goals.

For your edification, and for the sake of comparison, a link to the original work:

And now, without further ado, SONICHU:

Brilliant, you truly achieved the original’s greatness.

Are you gonna do the big straw one?

Can’t say I recall that one.

This is just too beautiful to describe in words. Truly, this is a glorious tribute to CWC’s original, featuring an immense improvement on the original art style. It surpasses even Asperchu’s renditions and improvements.

idk why Black Sonichu made me laugh so hard

This is extreme. Do more.

If I can. I have a combination of little patience, bad editing software, and the fact that if I do continue I only plan to adapt the best episodes. I’m aiming to recreate the entire first issue verbatim, but if I move on to later episodes I’m not going to strictly adapt every panel perfectly.

I dunno why, but I really feel fucking bad for this guy.

Get out while you still can. If you get into Chris-chan, there’s no escaping.

Remake the ShecameforCWC.JPG drawing

By popular demand: