Sonic's Expedition - Dusk Urban Zone

I just got my Garry’s Mod less than a month ago so these are the very first shots I made.
Everything is 100% in-game. 0% external editing. I like challenge.
Hope the pictures are self-explanatory to its story.
-Yes these are about dat blue hedgehog because there’s too many shots relating guns going on.

From very first to latest:[/t]

Sorry for inconsistency. Some angles and models are a bitch to utilize.
Now please slap me with a few C&C.

Some pics are too contrast, but I like the colorful theme and editing explosion looks good imo.

for less than i month, you have pretty good posing there, and the colours are nice

you have a pretty good start here

If you continue like that you will become the next Urbanator (which is a good thing!).
i love how colorful your pics are.

That explosion is no editing. I literally shot barrels with fireworks in slowmo and got that effect.
All of these screen haven’t gone through a single editing program.

Oh, I see, it’s good tips by the way.

Where did you get those models and the map? I must say I expected something horrible but it is wonderful and beautiful.

Well you’d be surprised, most of these models are already in for years. Yep I’m using those old ragdolls.
But since you requested it so here ya go: Unleashed, Wii, Silver, Jet.
Knuckles have minimal faceposing; Silver have no eye/faceposing; Jet is out of scale and have NOTHING.
I’m waiting for Generation models before I’m making anymore of this.

Maps are: Cloudcity, maps from this mod.
Third scene onwards have some hefty amount of prop to make the environment look better.

I forgot that you’ll also need this.

You’re one of those people who can actually pull off a good Sonic pose,nice stuff.

A set of good Sonic poses? What sorcery is this?