Sony [personnal skin]

This is my personal skin.

There are 3 models

one with glass
one without glass
and the glass

He’s complete name is Sony Crocket but nothing to do with miami vice ^^

Place the folder in your addon and enjoy :wink:

others pics in the link.

I was expecting a playstation.

His jacket is ugly. So is his t- shirt. And so are his pants. And so is his face.

Glasses are cool.

it’s may be you, or your eyes? Or your brain? Or… ^^

It’s a Sony!
and by the way looks like that he just smoked a shit load of marujana, nice jacket anyway.

I actually like the textures. What’s the model from?

Looks cool, good job!

Dude, that’s just one of my jacket’d citizens.

Yeap ! Male_09 jacket + a models of hair and a glass’s models added + reskin and hexed

Looks like that Guy from the Matricks…

His jacket isn’t really that shiny as it is shown in the picture. And the pale color on his face doesn’t fit the skin color on his hands. But that’s just some minor details.
Other than that it’s great. There should be more Personal skins with features like glasses or hats that you don’t have to attach manually.

Dude i love it!!!
The glasses are awesome!!

Oh yeah, I saw the hair and thought it was something different.

You’re an idiot.

HIS TEETH HIS TEETH! Oh god, they were so yellow

yeah damn i forgot to change that !

With a skin job, Remove the glasses and add short sleeves he would look like an uninfected smoker ;D

He looks like a what you would expect a Pedophile to look like >_>

Head looks a bit like John Lennon. Minus the mullet.