Soom suggestions from a player who played 400h

Hello all,

Lets get to the point fast, my current requests.

The gameplay
Notice: Most of my current ideas are already being worked on (I look at Trello) like rock structures, prodecural map, etc)

  1. I really love the idea of procedural map [1], but do I have to use MSPaint to make a map? There is ingame Paper, lets use it for map drawing. It requires Ink of course (or pencels). I know in the future the pro clans will probarly use a map drawing tool. But its fun for newbies :).
  2. You ever fought a guy with a stone which is running arround you? I usually have a shotgun with me to make sure I dont waste to much time on then. But in ‘real-life’ this is kinda impossible. What would be a great idea is [when ‘the System’ is noticing more rotation than 90 degrees in 1 second] that the player [cannot walk forward (W disabled)].
  3. I have a torch but I cannot set a wood shelter or wood bases on fire… (im very noob unfriendly). But this idea needs more gameplay changes than only putting things on fire. Because noobs will have a harder time defending theimselves. So lets add some more gameplay ‘improvements’ to this idea.
    4.1) People dont have to research stone shelters [2], it will only cost more.
    4.2) Ingame I wonder myself, I know a metal doorway, metal wall, metal foundation… but im to stupit to make a metal window? That doesnt seem realistic.
    4.3) Burning away a wood shelter will burn away the wooden chests too…
    4.4) When something is burning just increase the decay, its already turning black so developpers dont have to program much. (boolean burning True or False)
    4.5) Metal and Stone structures cannot burn.
    4.6) C4 or F1 Grenades have a small chance of setting wooden things on fire.
    4.7) Campfire should not be placed near wood structures (place them in the middle of a foundation, not against a wood wall… more realistic and a fun noob mistake ^^)
  4. Weather
    5.1) It could be raining, same effect as Cold and you cannot see anything
    5.2) In the morning there is mist (or fog, haze whatever the good transilation is…)
    5.3) Server admin could define what climate the server has (Tropical - much rain and mist | Sea climate - Just much rain | Desert - No rain, but it is very hot… | Inland climate - A bit rain, a bit mist, etc) you can combine this last idea with procedural map generation of course.
  5. The first thing those surival documentairys mention is ‘Water’.

Note 1: Im assuming server admins can make their own stuff with a program like Autocat (for the placeable items) and Photoshop. (possibilities will get endless)

What I hope to see in about 12 months;

  • Dynamic Rustmaps 100x as big as the current map with more than 3000 players on it (omg wet dream here!). (yea I know it would need alot of computer resources… see it as a challenge, lol im willing to pay monthly for this feature)
  • Having regions with more resources of one kind. Like near swamps you have alot of ‘Clay’ resource spawns, in the desert you have more ‘Oil’ (or you will find only oil in the desert). In the mountains there are more sulfur and metal stashes like in the woods there are more wood stashes and animals. (im going to be a master trader in this, Me Marco Polo!)
  • Clans in the form of City States (superclans).
  • Triggers, (you can only enter this door by automatic payment of 50 wood). (<= this is important to let people make their own mmorpg, racing area, battlefield, democracy style?, best example of ingame triggers I ever saw were those custom made triggers of Age of Empires II)
  • Modded servers
    – The Lord of the Rings server (Battle for Helms Deep, everyone shooting arrows and stuff like that)
    – Need for Speed server
    – Battlefield server (hey there is already one! great)

Note 2: Assuming note 1 will take effect, people start to form designer groups making more animals, items, cars, resources, buildings so the game will develop himself from the community.

Thank you for reading this :slight_smile:

Idea 2: what do you mean, you can’t run in circles on real life?

3000 players on a map 100x as big as the current map is not going to happen. Sure it would be awesome to have a sandbox that massive but the technical limitations make that an unrealistic goal even with more financing.