That horse is a spy!

Blowout soon, fellow horse.

I laughed so much. Great job bro.

What’s up with all the horses lately? Their empty eyes are just DEADLY.
Anyways, scary comic. :ohdear:

Ye idk why but i’m mesmerized by their face, they just stare at you emotionless and unposable:

Hey I want that pistol. Link?

I think that cute pistol is from the metro2033 or stalker weapons arsenal which comes with a pack where you download stalker stuff basically. I remember when i switched to a new pc i downloaded so much stuff so i don’t remember the exact link for it. I’ll try and look it up in the releases section, but if i can’t find it, it’s basically in a stalker pack

I think it was this one, unsure

i remember downloading a huge pack though, with lots of models, maybe try a stalker models pack because i seem to have one folder with a bunch of stalker stuff in it from cars to trees and artifacts yet i do not own the stalker game itself.

Thanks a ton.

:v: win

Pure win.

I made those. :buddy:

Image is no longer showing :frowning:

Orly? Btw, haven’t seen you since 2008, hi. I will reupload it to photobucket 1 sec

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For those who can’t see the above links, reuploaded it to photobucket.

Looks like the end is Neigh.


Could anyone give a link to the guys model?

I just recently downloaded them myself, here’s one link, or you can go to and search for “blacklight” there


The revolution has begun.