soooo.... how do i place beds or bags in house?

soooo… how do i place beds or bags in house? Yup i can’t…

Patience is almost as much of a virtue as understanding. I’m happy you’ve got the brevity part down tho.

sleeping bags still won’t place for me at 7:21pm on 10/2 west coast U.S. It keeps throwing up an error message.

i can confirm this isn’t working, went into my friend server and still having this exact issue

Resulting in Can’t Place: Failed Check: isinarea Sleepingbag_Leather_Deployed/sockets/free/inside started happening around 11pm Eastern time, on 02/09/2015 and is still occurring as of now, on 03/10/2015 12:18 Pm Eastern Time.

hope something is done soon, kind of breaking if you can’t respawn back in your house lol.

yea still not working on our server either. Same error if we try to place on foundations for both beds and sleeping bags. We can only place them on the ground.

Yup same for me can only place on the ground, with that being said i guess a temporary solution for now is to place the beds / sleeping bag on the ground and build foundation and walls around it, or if you are running a modded server install the plugin that allows you to set home locations and teleport to your house and just set unlimited TP’s with no delay as a possible work around for the time being.

I can some times place them if I get the outline further way from me.

Well see my friend that owns the server said it is apparently a Unity Error, i am unsure if the 2 recent Micro patches that happend not to long ago had anything to do with it, because shortly after i noticed that when you fired a gun, the sound completely cut off in mid shot, but a mini patch came up when i closed the game and it was fixed after that, then another small micro patch came not even
a few hours later, and that is when the sleeping bag / bed issue occurred, once my bud is on for a bit i’m gonna tell him to try shutting the server down wiping it manually, and then turn the server back on, hopefully that will do something, because the second micro patch seemed like it Half Wiped everything on the server, like walls floors and foundations ect. of existing buildings were gone, but anything like chests, Signs, furnaces ect. were still placed and floating in mid air also you were able to wake your sleeper up if you logged out of your house with all your gear and such, so it was almost like it wasn’t a full wipe or something, i’m almost curious if that had anything to do with this issue.

Micro Patch just occured about an hour ago, sleeping bag issue still persists.