'Sophitia, Warrior of Light' - Feral Werewolves faceoff against the battle maiden.


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battle maiden?

battle maiden, fetch me a mead while the men fight this horde.

Wait, when did Sophitia get ported? Do you have Cassandra as well?

That “mead-fetcher” happens to be on a mission given to her by the God of the Forge, Hephestus, while her husband stays home in the kitchen baking bread to sell.

No way is a woman with legs like THAT a maiden.

Well, she is a mom with 2 kids.

EDIT: I just noticed that things are in different places in the original compared to the edited version.

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Don’t these people know that ‘maiden’ means ‘virgin’?

her mission given to her by hephestus is to fetch men mead while they do the dirty work

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Story time!

Sophitia was given a mission to destroy the Demonic Sword, Soul Edge, by the Greek God of the Forge, Hephestus. She was given weapons blessed by Hephestus to do so, her sword and shield.

The new main characters in Soul Calibur 5 are her children, Patraklos and Pyrrah.

Oh, and Sophitia has a hot younger sister.

I like my version better.


But now I’m pissed that there are now 2 SCIV models in GMod that I don’t have. :colbert:

JRPG heavy armor.

Nice costume and models.
I just read some article about Skylim and see this!
Awesome by the way =)

During my little time here on facepunch i have seen a few of your work, and i must say, they have never siezed to amaze me. The posing, the lighting, the angle, the editing, everything is just spot on and pure eye candy. Keep up this awesome work.