Sorcerer with his summons makes an offer you cant refuse.

Your money or your life!

Before you say the Red Skull looks really really out of place, take a look at the reference picture!(Which is from a shitty game but it was my inspiration atm):

[sp]If you attack someone you get a nice skull so other players know you are a “player killer”, and if you kill too many people you get a red one[/sp]



C&C fellas(I know the fire looks like shit, but it’s the best I can do, some tips on how to make better fire would be awsum).

Not too shaby not too shaby at all, i don’t like the snow though.

I think it’s rain, might be wrong tho.
I made it too white-ish now that I see it again.

When i kill the sorcerer his summons will disappear

that’s what i do in oblivionnnnn


the fire looks kinda wrong though, it’s cartoony compared to the rest of the image

you really need to work on your flames…there t ocartoony for the picture

Red Skull looks really really out of place

wow yeah

it looked kind of corny until I saw what you were trying to do

A wizard highwayman with evil minions. Interesting.

Needs more lightsabers.
Kidding (sorta), it looks really nice :buddy:

Excellent rain editing. Also, link me that uruk-hai model. Now.

The model was in a pack with alot of stuff from LotR, there was a huge drama about it and I think the link is down but I will reupload it and PM you a link later.

Thanks for the comment guys :smiley: and yes H3llfire, the skull is really really out of place.