Soria model.


Download V2

Updated mesh, weights, phys constraints, and textures. Also added submodels for different expressions, still haven’t taken the time to figure out flexes. Submodel stool would be helpful for that.
This one isn’t a replacement for the previous replace, this one is simply under models/soria.mdl

Textures will apply to previous version though.

Old Download


Those breasts are the lulz.

I want that eli replacement

I’m feeling racist right now and I want that sleazy Eli replacement.

I want that Eli replacement too.
And that Mossman replacement.

Where’d you get the eli and mossman replacements? Nice model though!

Hacked them both in under an hour.

You should make a seperate release for them. Do you have any other SiN conversions? I always thought that the Sintek guards would make great combine replacements.

I appreciate the comments on the background models, and I’ll do a release for them later, but can you guys keep to the topic of the model release on hand?

What game is she from?

And face posing would make the model well beyond perfect.

I was under the impression that this came from Unreal Tournament or something, but now the sword throws me off.

Yeah it was a custom model, no origins. I put the sword on because that was how it originally was, but if people don’t care for it, I can make a version with it removed.

Heck, I should probably do that for the prop_ragdoll as well.

Also rest assured, I am going to do face posing.

I’ll be honest, the model looks a little bit low-poly. Maybe that’s just me. Quite good, though. On the topic of the SiN conversions, Jessica would make quite a nice Alyx.

I made a higher poly version, but this one’s mesh deforms so much better it’s not even funny…

However the beach party spring break edition is much higher poly :open_mouth:

I just want the Mossman replacement.
Elexis is awesome.

Very nice, If you can get faceposing done, it will be even better. Also great job on the eli and mossman and hope to see them soon as well

That Eli replacement sorta looks like that port manager person in SiN Emergence.

That’s because it is

mmmh very nice ^^ u got my download :slight_smile:

Yeah, and that Mossman replacement kinda reminds me of Elexis from that game as well.