"Sorry can't spawn that npc" message.

I have my own gmod dedicated server, and have recently mounted tf2, css, and both hl2 episodes, , L4D, L4D 2 but when i try to spawn npc’s from episodes 1, 2 or Lost Coasts L4D, L4D 2, it gives the famous “sorry you can’t spawn this npc” message. But wait there is more, i tried to work around it by using the,vehicles, props etc. headcrab plague addon, and it worked, it made a zombine, so its seems to be mounting right, but it does not let me spawn it. please help.

Are they mounted on the client and server?

Yeah they are… I was trying to spawn some proops from Spawn menu and they work, but not all. All NPCs, vehicle don’t work… I forgot I can’t mount L4D and L4D2 it shows this error… I haven’t found anything to fix it yet… :frowning:

To get rid of those messages you will need to mount the games by editing a file. cfg/mountdepos.txt or something. Easiest way to do this is to enable all desired games On your client and then copy&paste the file from your client to your server.

What? Is there any tutorial or video tutorial?

Can you spawn them in singleplayer?

I think he doesn’t set cfg/mount.cfg file correctly. I also had this problem. PM me, I will send you video.

Make sure you use Force Install Dir when using SteamCMD; if you don’t you’re given some directory names that don’t always work because hyphens and parenthesis, () -, sometimes create issues with mounting.

Here’s how to set up SRCDS: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26074909/tutoring/server_srcds_steamcmd/setting_up_a_server_with_steamcmd.lua.html

Yes I can…

Then it is likely a prop-protection addon.

Search gma files for that text “Sorry you can’t spawn” in addition to your game-mode files. A lot of addons add a singleplayer clause to allow spawning there.

this has never happened to me on any operating system

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i’ve setup servers on linux and windows in many different environments and using the default folder names has always worked for every game i’ve tried it on

Pfff, may you show me an example?