Sorry Coach

I really like it great job. :slight_smile:

I don’t get it…

but it’s nice!

Either one: He couldn’t save Coach in time.

Or two: Coach turned into a zombie…which can’t happen anyway…so I go with the first.

Wow, that’s really good.

ellis’ chocolate was in danger

he had to protect it

I was expecting something else, this is great :smiley:

not really canon with L4D.


Whoa, awesome!

Really good atmosphere here, though it might have been better if we could see a bit more of Coach.
But thats only nitpicking, good job.

Looks awesome mate, very nice lights.

Beautiful work. Is that a foot I see? I’m guessing he had to kill the infected Coach.

wooh, great lighting. wood for you :slight_smile:

Awesome lighting.

Great atmosphere. Nice burning.

looks amazing, especially the lighting.



Way more positive responses than I expected
Thanks guys.


all caps is awesome

Nice. Poor Coach.

I still want to know why Ellis killed Coach. (If in deed he did) I want closure on this:)