"Sorry for killing you, love."



Sorry babe, but I don’t like gals who talk back

next up: necrophilia

The 2nd image loaded up first for me.


Nobody touches Francis’ vest. Nobody.

The blood looks too 3-D ish.

Oh god is he gonna stick his dick in the bullethole

Head wounds do not work that way. The would would be much larger, And there would be chunks of skull, fragment of brain, etc, and don’t say “LOL NO ITS A 9MM” because even a 9mm would spray gore out. You’re shooting the fucking brain what do you expect

Hollow points.

the exit wound would be large

I don’t like when you are talking, because it means you ain’t sucking my dick

It would still spray chunks due to the force.

yeah, backwards

not forwards

you’re just upset because theres no soft glow

I actually like the second one more than the first pic.

Tell me, how2lighting?

hot damn, you’re pretty damn awesome at making poses now.


Pistols generally don’t inflict serious exit wounds, and even when they do it’s less bursting/shredding and more splitting. Though there definitely should be more blood spray around the wound and on her clothes with flecks of flesh, brain, and skull, and wider pouring lines. Maybe abit more blood staining the shirt too.

Everybody get your hats, we’re leaving. It’s the gun debate again.

yeah, enough already. the bitch is dead already, who cares.