Sorry to say this But I would love to Buy a rust key for 5$ If i can add my skype kolotripdies123 or steam thimioZ

I would love to buy a rust key for 5$

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(User was banned for this post ("Didn't read the sticky" - Orkel))

Read the sticky

You have to be a red name to get a Rust key.

It’s 60$ once every 2 months for the duration of your subscription and your sense of dignity.

Can you afford this?

con los terroristas , do the harlem shake

In for ban…:v:

Btw some friendly advice if someone wants to sell to you, odds are they will scam you :wink:
5$ is alot to some people these days XD

hey goodluck!

He scammed me trying to sell me rust keys

Now how does one do that?..