Sorry You can't spawn that NPC.

When I was playing Gmod today I tried to spawn a Claw scanner But A message came up And the mouse disappeared. So I was unable to click OK and Was forced to quit.

This has happened on many servers I have been on.

Evidently you don’t have the game that the NPC is included in. Make sure all your GCF’s are mounted.

I have the same problem, but I was able to click it a few times (took me about 10 minutes)

For me it only happens in multiplayer.

Sometimes the enter key and OK button are related. You can try enter next time.

So is there a fix for this

I ran into this once on a server (I tried to spawn an NPC I had but the server didn’t)

I don’t think the enter key worked, I think I had to quit.

I reported this like last month on the bug tracker and garry did something to the submission but it looks like he didn’t fix it

I got this once, Enter (And most of the other keys on the keyboard) failed.

the mouse pointer is invisible. if you try a little you may be lucky and move it above the button. the button lights up when the pointer is over it

The server don’t have the Npc if it says that, if you are using any Extra Npcs mod that will be the answear, the server don’t have it.

The problem isn’t that we get the error, it’s that once it appears, you cannot click anything to make it go away, and no keys work (not even alt f4 here). I had to Ctl alt del and kill the game every time this has happened. Sometimes it happens even if the server DOES have the npc and it is just restricted.

If you get this error… it is VERY annoying, especially if you were in the middle of a build… in which case, you have to hope it’s still on the server by the time you can force quit the game, and re join the server.

Please make it clickable!

Well, what you can do to be safe is, i’ve had this problem and nearly always had to kill the game, is when u click on an NPC, keep the Q menu up to see if that pops up. If you have the Q menu open while the screen pops up, the mouse won’t go away.

Use shift tab.

This happens to me and i usually find a friend on my steam list and join there game and the error goes away as i join. This is very useful if your friend is in the same game as you, you can rejoin.

this annoying error still exists, I hope something can be done against it, either make it go away, or make it clickable.

Don’t bump old threads… alot of people are starting to do that and getting rid of useful threads.

I was expecting a '10er to bump this.

08’ers are just as bad.

For generic HL2 NPCs, it was fixed. SNPCs are another story.

Just Alt+Tab, put your cursor in the middle of your screen, and then Alt+Tab back to gmod.

Your cursor will be very close to the button, so just fanangle it around ever so slightly until the button gets highlighted, and click.

I know, it’s annoying.