"Sort of a blessing that a Duck-Billed Hardosaur doesn't know what a snub-nosed revolver is."


I played Jurassic Park: Trespasser again. As terrible as it is, the game is pretty fun.

All you need to make now is a pose of a T-Rex doing the dougie as some dude tries to shoot it

pretty damn sexy.

Cool stuff there.

Dino’s are like “oh hey.”

Is good, very good.

This is coll-eoo.

Jazzy, groove. Fast Cat Dubeard doesn’t fair-to-deliIVer.

Zig-zaggin’ coo’ cat zaxxy babe always bein’ coo.

where’d you get the parasuar model?

Turok dinosaurs

And thank you, I’ve been trying to find the name of these damn things.

Goddamn that is a nice FPS shot.

No boob tattoo meter. I am saddened.

Nice picture, though.

I don’t think it’d be normal to have her chest within sight, especially when she’s looking forward :v:

This is really fucking cool, don’t care if it’s five days old, i was gone for a while :3

Is it bad that my sense of time is so skewed that I thought I made this three weeks ago :v:

Thanks Crazy :slight_smile:

Where are the boobs?


No, these honkers


I didn’t ask for excuses, I said where are the boobs

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was that so hard