Sort of Bruce Lee but not really.


isolation errors on top of head

What model is that…?

Actually that’s deleting using the grass tools to make it look more like hair.


sims 2 ones.

Guy on the right looks as though he is twisting his nipple.

For such horrible models you actually did a pretty good job.

Isn’t that the Jet Chan model from Evil Genius?

Because if it is, I need it.
Along with any other model you managed to port from that game.

The pants are photoshop.

The heads where shopped on.

The Sims bodies were from the Sims.

Enhanced, this is actually quite nice. Though, if you’re up to suggestions, use Left 4 Dead Ragdolls, they’re quite good for these poses.

B-b-But Left 4 Dead has no Asians D:

or japanese.

In my experience, best ones to use are Ellis, Louis, and Zoey. Louis I use for lots of acrobatic type moves, same for Zoey, and Ellis is kind of a kickboxer type.

None of em look Asian/Japanese/whatever though so.

And you can’t put a left 4 dead model next to a hl2 model but then you end up making the hl2 one look shitty.

They’re already shitty but it’ll make em more shitty.


yer pictures be broken mah boi.

Sigh…Oh…I just was talking about the posing itself, not the models in particular.

I could just replace the physics and be on my merry way though :V

oh my god

i lol’ed so hard

This is a polygonal masterpiece.

Nice posing, even with those models. They are so hard to pose.
Advice: Use a path and color it with a color that’s closer to the skin tone of those models. It will turn out much better that way.

Thanks for the tip.

I don’t know if you were going for humor, but when I first saw this I laughed for a straight minute.

Whatever works is what I was going for.