Sort of Short: Gun Kata

Well, here we go, a new media to conquer.
In the past, I’ve built contraptions (none of which I’ve uploaded here) and had a go at machinima.
I’m looking into comic making now, but before I go and post my proper idea, I’m going to do some shorts in order to get the necessary practice and build up my posing, editing etc. to a respectable level, so my main project won’t be an eye sore.
This is my first serious attempt at posing, first attempt using GIMP, editing, formatting a layout etc. There’s a lot of firsts here.
I beg constructive criticism of you. Anything that’s shit, point it out straight away. I only want to create the best; nothing less will do.


Intro aside: here’s my first (right click, view image):

Layout posing faceposing is good. Now we need a story.