Sort out Cupboards!!!!

Can you please sort cupboards out? people shouldn’t be able to do this in a 3x3 building with cupboard on 2nd floor…

It’s been discussed in many places that the cupboard protection is now a hemisphere that starts just below the cupboard. There is nothing to sort out – it is now the designed behavior as a trade-off to disallowing ladders everywhere. Put your cupboard on the first floor instead of the second.

but it says i have building privilege in the rooms with cupboard on 2nd floor… you can see it in the screenie

You could play on a server that has the plugins to reinstate spherical cupboard ranges and my LadderAnywhere plugin and live happily forever after too :stuck_out_tongue: (hint: Just Rust / No Bullshit)

I really feel Facepunch messed up big time with these changes. In my opinion, they should simply create a new type of barricade that can be stuck like a sign on any surface. This would prevent the lip building paradigm, fixing the real issue most people complained about.

I really don’t see how ladders were OP for raiding, for me, that argument is invalid and void… They were just fine IMHO and I’m talking as a guy that builds more than he raids. With the current sulfur yields, nerfs to rockets/c4, etc. getting to whatever wall you want to blow in isn’t anything special, getting the resources to blow stuff is the bottleneck and brake on raiding.

With the new system I guess the new meta is making pyramidal bases? You don’t want people to find your cupboard, but that concern is less important as you go up. People will just build a huge 10x10+ bottom and then reduce in size as they go up.

Really not a fan of this change.

Since the cupboard has existed, the building privileges has shown where you can stand to build, not what can be built where you are standing. I suspect that your house is on a slope or something, and those blocks were added by someone who was standing outside the cupboard protection (by being below it likely, maybe even just by squatting).

i agree with you, letting other people use ladders was perfectly fine so long as you weren’t dumb enough to have no doors inside your base… People who relied on destroying their stairs to protect their stuff or built their higher walls with twigs kinda had it coming to em.

Think they need to figure out some sort of way to stop griefers though because shit like this just ruins the game where they aren’t good enough to raid you, so they just go out of their way to cause you grief…

By far the most backstabbing, deceitful, petty and toxic community I’ve ever met in 15+ yrs of gaming

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Yeah you’re right, I’m at the top of a hill by radtown, and both entrances are on a slope and the blocks were built from outside…

You are missing my point. If you had built your cupboard on your first floor, they wouldn’t have been able to do this.

[With your edit, I think you have now gotten my point. :)]

I never understood this either. It was a tool, like C4 or armor, that helped raiding but could also be mitigated. By that logic, “stairs” are OP for raiding because you can make a jump tower out of them.

I think something’s going to have to give with the cupboard because combined with the “building privs only” placement of the ladder, the two cancel each other out: just build a ladder on the foundation, which is below the cupboard.

Fair enough, but if i read that an area requires building permission to build in when i stand there, I tend to assume that’s what it means. Lesson learnt i guess lol