Soruce Bans Without RCON?

So I am setting up my source bans (finally) and I have done this before, but it requires RCON password and I have my RCON disabled are there any way around this?

Cloud I have RCON enabled safely?

There is nothing wrong with “using RCon”. Loads of servers do it. The biggest problem with RCon is that almost everyone puts their password in the server.cfg which means the password can be stolen. If you define your RCon password using +rcon_password <password> in the command line, you should be fine. The only way to completely “disable” RCon is to deny all TCP packets to your server, and I doubt you’ve done that (and GSPs don’t allow it).

I have blocked all TCP packets actually. But thanks for the help, I think I got a method!

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Also would it look like this +rcon_password “Cyber”

Because I saw somewhere saying +rcon_password= which made no sense.

Yes +rcon_password “Cyber”

Thanks sir!