Soruce SDK ERROR [Help]


Do you have steam running?


Try moving the map file off the desktop, like in my documents or something. and then try compiling again.


Several errors to notice, this solving your issue.

material not found!: dev/dev_blendmeasure
material “dev/dev_blendmeasure” not found
can’t load skybox file skybox/sky_day01_01 to build the default cubemap!

Plus, unless you didn’t include it, you didn’t run vrad. I suggest you fix these issues, or at-least the skybox, and then re-run a full compile. This can easily happen when trying to go into expert mode of a compile when not knowing what you’re doing, to Hammer crashing near the end of the compile.

Those wont cause the map not to compile.

Can't load c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\jordanlol633\sourcesdk\bin\o rangebox\bin\filesystem_steam.dll.
Can't load c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\jordanlol633\sourcesdk\bin\o rangebox\bin\filesystem_steam.dll.


As I said, vrad did not run. I didn’t see it was due to that though, because I’m obviously blind gay and stupid. As to fix it, ‘Jordan’, I suggest you re-install Source SDK. Or at-least delete the ‘source SDK’ folder in your profile’s folder, run Source SDK, and watch it hopefully re-make and fix the files.

Or…run steam…

Your “garry smod” folder should be “garrysmod” and your “o rangebox” should be “orangebox”

Those are breaks caused by the forum, not the log.

The issue i believe has been recified by firegod, why are people still trying to fix it?