SOS Ripping from a DirectX 10 Game(Sword of the Stars:2)

I’ve been trying to rip models from this game for a couple of months now. , with no avail. I’ve tried using the Ninja ripper but it runs though a launcher which then runs to Exe by itself. I’ve tried to use the direct command line the launcher uses to fire the Exe but eventually the ripper process get killed. One time i got it to hold but when i tried to extract the model all i got was a blank folder where it should store the files. I’ve tried using Render doc to Bypass all the commands with it crashing when i got it to launch by itself. When I went to the data files to try and extract the models straight from there they were in some weird .scene~ file. I’ve been hitting wall after wall with this and sought to find some help here. All the ripper forums are in Russian and my accounts i try to make don’t go though. I don’t know if it’s because its a DirectX 10 game or if its the game it’s self. Thanks for reading this, any help would be greatly appreciated.


If you point NinjaRipper to the exe (not the launcher) it will place a .dll in the same folder. The game will then start with NR hooked regardless if you use the launcher or not, you won’t even have to start Ninja Ripper again.
There’s a couple of things that can go wrong, try alternating Dx9/11 and x32/x64. When the game starts and you can’t delete the .dll while it runs, it usually works.
I don’t know this game, there’s a couple of other ways to stop Ninja Ripper from working if the developers chose to do so. If the game uses OpenGL, Ninja Ripper won’t work at all.

Thanks for the reply but it did the same thing. It made a folder and a .txt log but no models or meshs to be shown in the folder.