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***at the main RUST screen hit f1 and enter “net.connect” ***

United States - WEST - Server- 300 player cap

We are a community of HARDCORE GAMERS who live to KILL , BUILD and RAID!

CRAFT TIME - 1/4 of Normal

Regular Game Saves- Don’t loose your stuff
1 Admin = No Abuse
As few wipes as possible
New Players Welcome
Cheaters will be BANNED
Adult owned and operated
Active Steam Group

Thank you for your consideration.
See you on the server.


Tonight we will be having an archery battle, whoever kills me will find a pile of wood planks, Kevlar , guns and ammo. See you there . Log into the server or message me on steam for more details.


Congrats to tonight’s winner NateGeezy. We will do another contest tomorrow evening.
We are averaging 20-30 players but we have 250 slots. More are welcome.
See you tomorrow.

Awesome server and cool people that play on it :rock:

Tonight we will be giving away Supply Signal’s to everyone who is online ( this lets you call in an air drop to your location). Check the Steam Groupfor more info. Also find out more information on out switch server promotion. See you there

We have had a steady gain of about 5-10 players a day.:rock:

Our overall population has done very good at helping players that are naked and not killing them repeatedly before they even build their stone hatchet. Bravo.:quagmire:

That having been said we are still looking to grow the population. We have another 160 slots left and your welcome to fill one of them. :smile:

The more the merrier so bring your friends.

Se you there


This is a great server with great admins. Come play :dance:

Edit: I retract my previous statement. Admins are still great but I don’t think the server is particularity great. I got raided and my house completely blown to pieces walls and all and I was fine with that but hey it’s part of the game. I move to a new location and start building a new home and during the process I was raided again by another person for what little I had left a few metal ore and an m4 that I had. I started to get frustrated that I couldn’t even build a house without getting attacked but I carried on again building and what do you know 10 minutes later I get raided again for some more metal ore and my bed :smiley: Keep in mind there are only 10-20 in the server you think I would at least be able to rebuild without getting my doors blown down. It’s great getting raided when you naked with a rock and they have full kevlar, C4, silenced M4’s etc :slight_smile: So after 4 hours of building or at least trying to I have gotten pretty much nowhere. I understand it’s a pvp server but seriously if people want to raid someone why not raid someone who has something worth taking. There are plenty of friendly people on the server but there are a select few that aren’t so much.

this is a good server. Sorry Stealth that your having a problem with being griefed in a survival game. remember its a SURVIVAL game.

The weak are eaten and bones spit out!

Are you wiping for the patch?

GC_Stealth: Sorry you were raided repeatedly. I would definitely try to group up or move away from the mean players or overly aggressive. Find me in game and your welcome to live by me I offer neighbor protection. :slight_smile:

Sunburnking: Are you wiping for the patch?
We did not wipe for the patch but i have had a few requests for a wipe.
I will put the idea to a vote and see what people want to do.
But regardless you are welcome to join us on the server.

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I definitely think that we are a high stakes high competition server
People can work so quickly after a wipe that 30 minuets later have guns and armor and be raiding houses.
Id say the best RUST strategy is figuring out a group to combat raiders and have a true defensive system.
Anyone want to group up with GC_stealth , please hit him up on steam!

a friendly bump for our admin!

That meme is simply redonkulous :words:

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You are welcome to play and build here regardless of wipes.

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Stealth I appreciate you saying that the admins are great because I am them and I really do try and help new players to make the game more fun for them. Sorry I failed you, butid like a second chance to help you and maybe even grow a group fro you to have the support the raiders do becasue thats the key , I believe.

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We added a daily event at 7pm all players are given a reward for choosing SOT,.

A Supply Signal ! This lets you call in your very own airdrop!

If have questions about the server or just want to know more information about who we are and what we are about. We are a growing group of players with as of today 136 members.

Check out our steam group, join us and get ready for a fun time.

Server event in 5 minuets, get on have fun stay forever :slight_smile:

We have more player slots open on our server.
Join SOT we would love to have you !

In 2 hours we will be giving away supply signals to all players on the server.
Join the fun, see you at 7pm US Central time.

In one hour everyone on the server will get a Christmas present:
Kevlar, m4 , wood planks and supply signals!
See you soon,.


SOT Mumble server is launched