SOTS Models

Okey heres a quick question , how hard would it be to import the ships n stuff as props from the game Sword of the stars ?

All ships have multiple parts and weapons which means they could have body groups as well . Just asking since the game has a large variety of ship models that could be used in space scenarios for pics and movies alike .

Some screens of the game should give you an idea .

If I were you I’d wait for Sots2. The models in there look way better. (well apart from the liir.)

I suppose .
Is that game gonna be on steam i dont see it anywhere on there O.o
As to steam - who knows, Paradox does have some stuff on there so it’s possible that sots2 might show up as well.

I’ve heard of Sword Of The Stars several times on Steam, how is the game? I’ve never played it and I’m thinking about getting it eventually.

If ya like total war then its rather similar , cept the tech tree gets randomized always . And theres random events always

It’s a turn based 4x game with a fairly massive scale, very unique races and an incredibly rich backstory (admitedly most of that is found on the wiki as opposed in the game).

If you like 4x games - civilisation, alpha centauri and the like, you will love it. If you dislike said games you won’t.