Soul Caliber 4 And Street Fighter 4 Models

Game models from the Xbox 360 version of Soul calibur 4
Characters, weapons and stages.

In OBJ and FBX format

Not done using " 3dripper dx" actually unpacked from the original game files.
Unfortunately none of the characters are rigged with skeletons, they are in neutral T pose/ Star pose. All textured.

Ive split these into separate packs due to the sizes.

All 94 character models ( multiple costumes per fighter ) Including darth vader and Yoda, All textured.

272 ( yes two hundred and seventy two ) Weapons…( approx 7 weapons per character ) including light sabers. All textured
43 Stages. The actual playing areas you fight in. All textured.
All in .OBJ+.MTL And .FBX so you should be able to import them into most 3d apps.

Characters - 494 Mb

Stages - 317 Mb

Weapons - 86 Mb

All the character models from Street Fighter 4, fully textured and ready to be rigged.

All 25 character models textured and in a neutral star pose, in .OBJ + .mtl (wavefront object ) And .LWO ( lightwave object ) So you should be able to import these into almost any editor you like.

Street Fighter


Enjoy :slight_smile:

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This took me a long as hell time to get everything done so if you download and you like what you see please give thanks.

These have been floating around for a long time. Some of them have been ported into gmod but I’ve heard that the SC4 models can be a bitch to work with.

I heard rumours of some models ported is private ports, and yes, SC4 files maybe can be a pain in the ass to work with it.

WOW! Can you do different mirrors??? Download 500mb from megaupload or deposit is RAPE!!!

What? That’s just if someone has trouble with one mirror they can try another.

Looks like both the StreetFighter links are down.

Sorry these were uploaded a while ago and I did’nt keep the original files on my computer.

Pretty sure those are the same SC4 archives I downloaded like last year. I wouldn’t be surprised of the links are dead now.

Both Street Fighter and Soul Calibur characters, ohw god, yes please! :smiley:
I think the links are working again…

And… those are ready to “poot” in Garrys Mod and use them?

Wow, did you even bother to read the original post completely? Despite how many times he typed .OBJ, and other related things, you still come to conclusion that its “ready to ‘poot’ in Garry’s Mod”

This is true, but these models really ought to be ported eventually. They’d be very useful.


You got Chun Li’s alt costume on there?

dead can you reupload?

All Megauploads for SCIV work, as the deposit files work for SF4. Next time read the dates at the top left corner of the latest post, as if it hasn’t been posted in a long time, then PM the OP rather than bumping an old thread, also try each link before saying they’re dead, because they aren’t dead.

Actually, both Street Fighter links have been removed. The Deposit Files says that it’s been removed after you click Free Download (and I assume it’s the same for Gold Downloading).

HolyFuckJesus thank you thank you thank you.

In my class I’m learning how to animate and rig characters; once I’m able to I’ll return to this thread and post anything I’ve done with your models! (credit where due of course <3)

And Megaupload was taken down by the FBI

Question, guys. I try opening up the OBJ models in maya, and some of the parts of the models are reverted back to 0,0,0 and not even rotated to align with the rest of the model. what gives?

Edit: Also, for textures I have a metric f***-ton of .dds files which do not match in naming convention the listed textures in Hypershade (maya) so I have no idea which texture goes where, or what bump maps are for what. I don’t think I’m capable of sorting it all out manually without some direction. Any ideas?