soul caliber model.

can anyone make this charter into a gmod model ? i would be happy.

I don’t think someone’s willing to expend 50 man-hours to make this model, but that’s just my opinion.

oh well maybe someone can make it.

I’m not familiar with the character. Which SC was she from? Does she have an existing model?

That’s Lynette, one of the shopkeepers from Soul Calibur III for the PS2. She has an in-game model for when you visit her shop and when she fights.

Personally, though, I prefer one of the other shopkeepers, Valeria.

if anyone can make these two, it would be good and i have seen other soul calibur charters on steam workshops. with all 5 chartes, i can make a one good screenshot. :slight_smile:

My my, maid outfits.

Well I’d support this(and the other shopkeepers), but the track record of models from fighting games give me reason for pessimism.

At the very least, are there models ripped already?

not really, just want to know if someone can work on them, there are 3 shopkeepers from the game.

I always liked Lynette the most of the three, but yeah I doubt anybody is going to work on even one of them.

hope someone can work on them.

fire, my fev is lynette to, and it was would be amazing to see the other models to in gmod.

Here’s a picture of all three of the shopgirls.

cool ryu. now people can see all three of them and maybe someone can work on them. nice job dude.

Ripping from PS2 games is extremely difficult from what I remember being told. You’ll be lucky to find anyone actually willing to do that. If someone takes up your request and succeeds, I’ve got a few things to ask them. Until then, all I can say is good luck finding someone.

thank you Katra for you reply and yeah if it really happened, then maybe in the future there would be eye poser for them and other poser stuff you know, and i have seen the charter and have the game, the charters them self’s have the same costumes but with different color. like every charter has 2 colors to chose from.

is there going to be any update for this ?

If there were, you would have seen someone post by now. Like I said before, you’ll be lucky to find anyone that’s actually willing to do this. Ripping from PS2 games is extremely difficult, so you’ll be very lucky if anyone actually takes this up.

you asked if someone would work on in 6 times now chill
ripping from PS2 is easy, getting it in a good pose, not as warped and rescalling the UVs is the annoying part

Like katra804 said, chances are no one will pick this up, youd be better off learning how to do it.
google some tutorials.


Wow Soul Calibur…

I wanted Pyrrha Omega from Soul Calibur V/5 but everyone got mad at me.
I also wanted her weapons and shield ;n;

I didnt even want it rigged…I just wanted the rip.