Soul Calibur 2

Been struggling to find a 3D RAG DOLL model of Taki extracted from Soul Calibur 2.

Does anyone have any pictures? That would be greatly appreciated.

I think that’s the one Mariokart64n ported way back, i’ll see if I can find it.

Edit: Bloody hell, that thread appears to be so old now even the archive doesn’t have it @.@

Such a shame. Thank you for trying.

It took some doing but I found it for ya :slight_smile:


I apologize for not being more clearer in my post.

I’m looking for IMAGES of Taki’s 3D model/Skin. I’m a long time fan of the series and was always fascinated with the original 3D Rag doll models of each character.

I scoped through some Soul calibur extraction threads here and found some Rag Doll IMAGES of Ivy, Necrid, Cassandra and Cervantes, but was dissappointed with the exclusion of my favorite character, Taki.

Perhaps someone who is familar with the program, if possible, could take some screen shots for me?

ok ~.~

What sort of pics do you want as I could decompile it and get some t-posed shots, but I doubt i’d be any good at posing it.

T pose shots are a top priority. Front, Back, left and right.

Simple standing shots wouldn’t hurt either. I really appreciate this, Silver Spirit.

Ok i’ll do some for you tommorow ^^ (If I remember).

I hope so, good night and thank you, Silver Spirit.

You are a very kind spirit.

and silver

For those, SC fans, whom, just like me have desired specific in game 3D models of their favorite Soul Calibur characters…seek out Mariokart64n.

Not only did Mariokart64n respond to my request, they went one step further and gave me access to software to view the Taki 3D model and rotate her model as I wished.

Look for Mariokart64n on 8wayrun.

Ah crap I forgot to take the pics, do you still need them? Though I doubt it if Mariokart64n gave you the viewer :slight_smile:

Considering you are familar with “the viewer”, Silver Spirit, I was wondering if the VMX model (used with Greed Xplorer to view Taki’s rag doll model) could be edited.

Are there any programs I could use to modify the extracted 3D models?

I have no idea what the viewer even is I was gonna get the model by decompiling the ragdoll Mariokart64n had made from it, best to ask him how to port them from the original files.

If you can convert the model format you can use any 3D Editor like Blender, 3Dsmax, Milkshape 3D, ect to edit it.

As a last request …Silver Spirit, could you take some Screenshots of Taki in Half-Life 2? Preferably NOT a blood drenched corpse.

Nothing too difficult I hope. Just curious. Thanks for everything