Soul Calibur 4 character models (resource files)

Hey there, folks. I’m in need of a little assistance here, and I’m hoping someone around here might be able to help.

I decided to restart some of the character model ports I was working on for the Soul Calibur IV models, but it seems that I accidentally deleted all of the character models I had at some point without realizing that I did so. I decided to go here to see if I could re-download the resource pack from there, but the links provided are all dead. Would anyone here happen to have a backup copy of the characters pack from there, or am I just SOL on this?

I have a copy of them, but I don’t know where I should upload it without the file hosting site taking it down.

Have you considered using Mega? They don’t seem to trash files unless the user specifically does so, so that might work.

Or use dropbox to host your files. I am looking for those models as well.

I tried yesterday but the upload failed at 61%. I’ll try again as soon as possible.

Just a small bump to keep this from getting buried.

I’ll have to upload it somewhere else besides my house. My bandwidth is slow, about 100 kb/s average.

EDIT: Uploaded!


Can someone re-upload weapons from topgfx too?

Here you go. That should contain every weapon and their respective textures, so have at it.

Thank you soo much<3

I am practically 100 years too late to this thread, but I have desparately been searching for the Soul Calibur IV Tira models and it is surely become a hopeless struggle. All the Mega links that are on this thread are dead, but I do hope and pray that someone still has these models stored somewhere. Can anyone here help this poor soul out?

I doubt you will be able to find help 7 years later :joy:

Bless my heart for trying though? Haha! I’ve had crazier requests pull though.

Nevermind, ya’ll. Found a pack on Gary’s Mod with practically everything in it. Thanks baby!